Standing Out, In 3-D

March 28th, 2017

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Acts 17:1-9

Have you ever seen a movie in 3-D? If you do not wear the special glasses, all the images look blurry and distorted. However, when you put on the glasses, you see an incredible picture. The screen comes alive. It provides a completely new perspective.

In Thessalonica, the Jews who did not believe in Jesus were not happy that Paul and Silas were gaining such support and influence (vv. 1-9). They could not see the truth because they were so busy defending what they knew and were comfortable with. They felt compelled to put a stop to it. They incited a riot and tried to get Paul and Silas arrested and prosecuted.

When they could not catch Paul and Silas, “They dragged Jason and some other believers before the city officials” (v. 6). They were deemed guilty by association and fined for standing up for the truth.

When you stand up for Jesus, do you find resistance? What is your response? Standing up for the truth does not mean that things are going to be easy, but it does mean that the Lord stands beside us.

Author: Kim D’Amaro

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