Prepare For The Future Today!

February 23rd, 2017

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1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

There are a wide range of understandings, perspectives, and speculations about what exactly will happen in the end times. While different theories abound, one thing we can cooperatively agree on is the reality that God wins!

The process, how it will unfold, and the ongoing discussion of when the end times will occur ought to take a backseat to what we are living for today. We are eternal beings and the decisions we make today, in how we live our lives and whom we will serve, focus on how we are going to be spending eternity. Perhaps it is most important to focus on the future by making decisions today that best identify us with being on God’s victorious team.

Life blindsides us and darkness impacts our world, but this doesn’t mean that these occurrences need to become our identity and way of life. Jesus is the way of life! He allows us to become children of light, not just for the future, but in how He wants to use us today. Don’t neglect the opportunity to grow as a child of light.

Author: Jay Trainer


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