The King Has Authority To Clean House

December 22nd, 2016

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Matthew 21:12-17, 23

Right after Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey, amidst praises, He went up to the temple. He entered that sacred place to clean house. This is one time where we see Jesus showing anger. He overturned tables and rebuked the people. He was upset that the religious leaders had taken advantage of the poor. Instead of using the temple as a place to pray and worship, they were using it for their own profit.

Cleaning our house is so liberating. A dirty house makes us feel unsettled, uncomfortable, disorganized, and embarrassed when guests come to visit. Often when I clean my house for holiday guests, I wish I would have done it sooner; it feels and looks so much better.

As we make room in our lives for Jesus, our one and only King, what cleaning up do we need to do in our temple, in our own lives? Do we need to confess any prejudices, let go of any bad habits? Be honest. Surrender something you have been holding onto to the King. Give the King authority to clean your house so that your temple can be a place of prayer.

Author: Darlene Harvey

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