Conduits of God

October 15th, 2016

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2 Corinthians 5:11-21

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It’s very hard to teach someone something that you don’t know yourself. Educators spend countless hours learning and then planning lessons to convey their knowledge to others. In the educational world, it is required to have a college degree before one can teach in public schools. Most colleges require their professors to have at least a master’s degree. They do this in part because it is hard to teach what you don’t know.

There is no difference in the Christian world. We must be Christians to show others what it means to be Christian. How can we explain what God has done for us if we have not experienced it?

Not only do we need to have experienced God’s forgiveness and reconciliation, but we must always remember from whom it comes. Our ministry for God is really God’s ministry. Any time we lose focus, forgetting that we are simply conduits through whom God chooses to work, we lose sight of our ministry. It is all about God–not about us.

Author: Gary Huff


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