Wise Counsel

October 3rd, 2016

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1 Samuel 9:1-14

We all find ourselves in situations where we need guidance or help. We are careful to choose the person we seek guidance from during these times.

In 1 Samuel 9, Saul wanted godly help. The person who helped Saul was the prophet Samuel. Saul knew the reputation of Samuel for giving godly counsel–and that was enough for him. This causes us to ponder this passage from two directions.

The first direction relates to the person from whom we seek counsel. Are we worried about finding a cultural icon, a “big name,” to give us direction? Are we, perhaps, seeking someone who will help us be “politically correct”? Or, are we seeking someone who is concerned about being God’s person?

The second direction relates to helping others. Are we living in such a way that when others speak poorly of us, no one will believe them because God’s glory is being lived out in our lives? If we want to help others, we must establish trust in the form of the love that can only come from God.

Author: Gary Huff

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