The Inside Of The Cup

August 11th, 2016

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Luke 11:37-46

Washing the dishes is my least favorite chore. Perhaps this is because I did it so infrequently as a child or maybe because it is a daily task with no end in sight. Even so, I do have a knack for cleaning the inside of cups. In Luke 11 Jesus points out the Pharisees focus on the outside while neglecting the inside.

It is all too easy to point a finger at the Pharisees without realizing it may need to be pointing in our own direction. We are tempted to call out the messes in other people’s lives without seeing our own. It’s much easier to see the boxes in which others are trapped than to recall the patience God exhibited in taking us out of ours.

So the next time a cleaning project awaits us, it would serve us well to remember there’s a much more important cleaning project God has in mind—to cleanse us on the inside. The way we can cultivate this type of cleanliness is to live a life of generosity. This kind of “inside the cup” cleaning isn’t a chore or a burden!

Author: Thea Ardrey

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