Turn Around!

August 4th, 2016

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Acts 3:11-26

Soon after arriving in Poland, I set out to find the bed and breakfast where a future short-term mission team would stay. It was while on this seemingly simple venture that I got miserably lost. Desperately looking for someone who spoke English, I kept walking. I passed an elderly woman and assumed she only spoke Polish. It was only after I humbled myself and went back that I discovered she was fluent in English. She even walked with me to my destination. But, to get where I wanted to go, I had to turn around.

Greater still are the times we turn away from our sin and toward a loving God. No vacation can bring the kind of refreshment that comes from knowing that our sins are erased. Peter knew that. In Acts 3 he addressed people’s curiosity about the lame man’s physical healing, not only to glorify God, but to point out each person’s need for spiritual healing.

Without Christ, each of us are lost and in need of salvation. Sometimes all it takes is to turn toward the God who can restore us!

Author: Thea Ardrey

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