A Good Report

July 7th, 2016

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3 John 1:1-13

While on a mission trip, Blair encountered some students who had been taught by his college professor son. They spoke graciously of his teaching, and how much they had enjoyed his classes. Hearing their words was rewarding. It brought Blair joy that his son was being faithful to his calling by the evidence given by his students.

The Apostle John also had joy. Travelers brought him word that his friend, Gaius, was faithfully living life according to the truth he had learned from John (3 John 1:3). What was the evidence? The verification that Gaius was walking in the truth was his faithfulness to serve strangers (3 John 1:5). He sent them on their way with love, probably a healthy packed lunch, offering, and prayers. These strangers, early missionaries, traveled in the name of Jesus, and received no help from the pagans.

We should imitate Gaius, and entertain strangers who bring the gospel of Christ. When our actions are reported back home may they bring joy to those who first shared the gospel with us.

Author: Blair Rorabaugh


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