Are You Listening?

June 23rd, 2016

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Matthew 17:1-13

When my youngest daughter was a toddler we often found we didn’t have her full attention. The only way to be truly sure she was listening was to get her to hold still, be quiet, and then say, “Look me in my eyes.” Anything short of this would leave us knowing that while we had said something, we couldn’t be she sure had heard. The failure wasn’t in our speaking, the failure is that she just wasn’t listening.

On the mountain Jesus appearance was changed, transfigured, before His disciples. His face and clothing shone like the sun. Moses and Elijah were seen talking with Him. What is Peter doing? Talking! While Peter was still speaking God covered them in a cloud and spoke in an audible voice. God spoke about His Son, but he also told the disciples, “Listen to Him.”

When I’m in need of direction, it isn’t that God is silent but that I’m just not listening. He has already given us His Word to read in black and white. God may already be speaking. Are you listening?

Author: Mark Thielenhaus


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