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June 19th, 2016

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John 15:1-17

The directive from Jesus, our Elder Brother, is to “remain” in His love. It would be helpful to recall another meaning of “remain” to augment our understanding of the idea. In other scriptures, including other verb tenses, “remain” is translated as “stay, abide, live, dwell, last, endure, continue” and more. Perhaps we can begin to gain a sense of the permanency implied in the use of this word. Don’t let it be lost on you that these are Jesus’ words.

We are told that when we keep His commandments we remain in His love. Jesus maintains that there is a relationship between obedience and staying put, while dwelling in his love.

Are you feeling separated from God? Be obedient in the next thing God calls for your obedience.

While this word indicates permanence and a dwelling place, what is most significant for the spiritual life is to keep going back to that place of residence.

Author: Michael Benson


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