Open Invitation

May 25th, 2016

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Luke 14:7-23

If we were honest with ourselves when we do something for someone, we would admit that we like to hear a positive response from the receiver. It gives us those warm fuzzies and a sense of accomplishment. We also enjoy giving nice gestures of kindness in return.

Jesus warns us to do for those who will not be able to repay with even a simple thank you, let alone a full-course meal. Those who give to others and do not expect to receive anything in return will be repaid when Jesus comes for those who have followed His example, lived as a servant, and obeyed His commandments.

The next time we send invitations out for a homemade meal, we need to be reminded to invite those who have no ability to repay us for our kind efforts. Jesus will take care of that for them.

Author: Amy M. Argot


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