Under The Same Sentence

March 17th, 2016

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Luke 23:32-43

Jesus walked the lonely road to Golgotha’s hill with two criminals flanking Him. These two men had been tried and convicted of their crimes; the best charge the Roman officials could pin on Jesus was “King of the Jews.” While one criminal chose the last moments of his life to ridicule Jesus, the other denounced those foolish words. The second criminal chose his final moments to reach out in faith. In return, Christ promised this man an eternity in Heaven with Him.

Although the criminal’s question was directed at Christ that day, it’s worth considering ourselves, since we also have been under the same sentence of death. Just like these men, we have all been found guilty. All are shackled with the chains of sin and death. It’s only through Jesus’ sacrifice and our acknowledgement of the freedom it offers that we trade in a life of condemnation for one of celebration.

The cross on the hill that day cast a long shadow. It covered the soldiers and witnesses and stretches throughout history to meet every one of us no matter where we are.

Author: Katie Heid


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