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March 8th, 2016

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Exodus 12:14-30

Calendars can fill up quickly. I’ve discovered that if an event isn’t on the calendar, it falls to the wayside. In light of this, our family added prayer time to our Sunday night lineup. It’s when we take a breather to chat, pray for each other, and spend a moment of peace before we hit the ground running. We discuss what God has been teaching us and ways we are thankful. If this meeting wasn’t on the calendar, it wouldn’t happen.

This habit didn’t come easily. There were many weeks that passed with our good intentions of carving out that time, only to forget about it until our heads hit the pillow at night. When we became intentional about setting that time aside–and writing it down–it became a regular practice for us.

Exodus 12 shows us how the Israelites put God-honoring events on their calendars as well. Remembering God’s mercy and deliverance isn’t just for times when all is well. It’s time that must be set aside regularly to give God what He deserves. These sacred moments were on the Israelite’s calendar–and should be on ours as well.

Author: Katie Heid


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