Love Each Other

February 24th, 2016

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John 15:16-27

John 15 continues Jesus’ farewell instructions to His disciples. In preparing them for their work without Him, Jesus told His disciples that they should expect to be persecuted by those who persecuted Him. It seems obvious that those who disbelieve and persecute the living God will persecute His appointed servants, who will profess His teachings after He is gone, but the portion of this passage that we sometimes miss is the command to “love each other” (v. 17).

Jesus knew that in order to accomplish their mission of spreading the gospel, the disciples would need each other. We have been appointed by God to bear His witness to those to whom we have been called. If we are to withstand being mocked, hated, and persecuted, we must learn to rely not only on the Holy Spirit as our Advocate, but on our fellow Christians, who have also been chosen and appointed by God to bear His fruit. In order to rely on each other, we must love one another.

The world may mock us, but with the counsel of the Holy Spirit and the help of each other, we can withstand the world’s persecution.

Author: Kristen Allen

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