Servants of All

February 16th, 2016

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Mark 9:30-41

It is almost unbelievable. While Jesus tried to teach His disciples about His death and resurrection, they argued about who was the greatest. Consider the arguments they might have made. One might have boasted that he had known Jesus longest. One might have spoken of the sacrifice he made to follow Jesus. Perhaps another had helpful connections. One might have felt he worked hardest and was most dependable. However, God doesn’t measure greatness as we do. He values humility and a servant heart.

Samuel Brengle was called to ministry in The Salvation Army. He expected to spend his time preaching and witnessing, but his first assignment was blacking the boots of the other cadets. It seemed a waste of his time and talents. Then, in his imagination, he saw Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. Humbled, he prayed, “Lord, You washed their feet; I will black their boots.”

We would gladly wash Jesus’ feet but don’t have that privilege. He calls us instead to serve each other and those who need Him, to be servants of all for His sake.

Author: Juanita Nelting

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