A Blessing Of Peace

October 5th, 2015

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Numbers 6:22-27

As you read Numbers 6:22-27, the passage may sound at least vaguely familiar. That may be because the words, “The LORD bless you and keep you . . .” begin the most familiar verses in the Book of Numbers. Even if you don’t remember having personally read this passage before, you’ve probably heard it; many pastors use these verses as the benediction at the conclusion of their worship services.

These verses contain great history as well as truth. In fact, the earliest known fragment of the biblical text contains this blessing. Notice how it escalates–all the blessings listed in the verses lead up to one spectacular revelation. The revelation is this: In a world of strife, it is possible to experience peace. The greatest joy in studying these verses perhaps comes when we learn that this was not simply some blessing Aaron came up with on his own. Rather, it was a blessing God instructed the priest to pronounce over His people. Let us rejoice in the blessing of peace!

Author: Tim Stearman


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