He Provides All Things

September 19th, 2015

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Jeremiah 10:6-16

Before the Babylonian exile, the people of Israel thought that they were able to manipulate the spiritual world for their own benefit. They crafted idols as lucky charms and talismans for protection and prosperity.

Things began to unravel. Rather than turn to the Lord Almighty, their provider, Israel turned to the idols that had “worked” before. Jeremiah recognized that these handmade harbingers of hope were nothing but foolish frauds that would crumble, leaving the people who believed in them shattered too.

In this place of despair, God spoke through Jeremiah to remind the people that there is a creative hand from which all things find their life: God was the provider of life and Israel’s true source of identity.

Christians are sometimes tempted to ascribe their success to their methods or even their theological correctness. All of these can become as distracting as the idols of old and draw attention away from our true source of meaning and purpose: the Lord Almighty.

Author: Richard Giesken

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