The Cost of Following Christ

August 10th, 2015

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Luke 9:57-62

The parts of the Gospels that preach love and grace are our favorites. They feel wonderful, good, and right; and they should feel that way. However, the gospel message and the kingdom life will never leave us as we were. God loves us too much to leave us there. To live out the kingdom life means to give up everything we hold dear. We surrender preferences, beliefs, comforts and relationships.

This feels intrusive and feels harsh. We ask, “Why, God?” But as we surrender, and release, we soon realize God is asking for the parts of our lives that hold us back and keep us in bondage. The act of surrendering our comforts and preferences to God is the act of accepting freedom.

When the Gospels promise fulfillment, we should be careful to not expect ease, and when God tells us to trust Him, we must be ready to act on that trust. When He asks for our heart, He will require that heart completely and without competition.

Author: Michael Palmer

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