More Than Motions

August 4th, 2015

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1 Chronicles 29:10-20

Matthew West, in his song “The Motions,” cautions against faith that settles for less than the real power and presence of God in our lives. Tired of a surface level Christian faith, West expresses a desire for something deeper—he wants to be transformed through his connection with God.

God created us with that desire, and He yearns to fulfill it in the lives of His people. God gave us the incredible gift of the Bible as a way to reveal His truth: His presence, nature and will to all who come seeking. However, over the years some have reduced the Bible to a list of commands that must be followed to please God—a prescribed list of “motions.” Tirelessly, and with great conviction, countless people exhaust themselves going through the “motions” they believe God expects

Don’t settle for going through the motions—God will be pleased if you seek Him today. He promises a new heart to those who do: A new heart that will bring a new way of living.

Today let’s make it our aim to seek God’s.

Author: Stephen Mayes


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