Where Is Our Trust?

July 24th, 2015

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Malachi 3:13—4:6

Too often we look for what might benefit us. The people of Malachi’s day couldn’t figure out what was the reward of following God. It was too hard, they seemed to believe. Those who lived their own way seemed to succeed. Why should they obey, when it didn’t seem to benefit them?

This is not different from the way many people view life today. People often have great faith when it brings benefits they desire or blessings they think they deserve. Is that why we are worshipping God? For benefits? For blessing? When that is the way we look at our relationship with our heavenly Father we will most likely be disappointed. There are benefits, blessings and rewards for us, certainly; but that is not how we should evaluate our faith.

The distinction on that day when judgment comes will not belong to those who got the most blessings, rewards, or benefits. Instead, the distinction will be that no matter what happened–we trusted. Just like a child trusts a good and loving parent, we will have trusted our Father. Our Father is trustworthy! When we give our lives to Him, for better or for worse, we can stand firm.

Author: Olivia Metcalf


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