Game Changer

July 8th, 2015

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Acts 10:9-23, 34-48

Sports offer perspective on the human heart. One aspect to sports is the judge who knows all there is in the coveted rule book. They are the authority over everything taking place on the field and we are comforted by this reality. In fact, we only hate this part of sports and life when we are on the wrong side of the rules. When we are out of bounds, we hate the judge.

That’s why changes to the official rules of any sport always creates controversy. There are those who push back against the new rules. They recognize that in redefining how things are done you fundamentally change the way the game is played.

Jesus is the game changer. He fundamentally changes the way the game of life is played. Instead of a dividing line between God and humanity, the veil in the temple is torn to pieces. Peter and the church of that day are caught up as the Spirit of God teaches them the new rules of Christian living. They learn it is God’s plan to redeem all people and break down human barriers.

Author: Paul Sheneman


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