Matthew’s Point

June 11th, 2015

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Matthew 14:22-33

Matthew, Mark, and John all tell the story of when Jesus walked on water, but only Matthew tells us about Peter’s adventures atop the waves. Matthew’s story is not so much about people having faith in God’s power to do amazing things. Instead, Matthew is calling us to a different sort of faith.

Peter is acting on a basic principle of first century discipleship. The rabbi would teach the disciples to become who the rabbi is and to do what the rabbi does. A rabbi would expect his disciple to do what the rabbi does.

We have lost this in the Church. We have joined Christianity, but we are not following Jesus. Our being and our doing are not very much like Jesus, and yet we don’t seem overly concerned.

The central question of our era is simple: Will Christians follow Jesus? Will we actually care for the poor, listen to the lonely, live without concern for wealth, and be publicly crucified because of our love for outcasts? Do we have this kind of faith in Jesus?

Author: Josh Broward

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