Give Praise To The Lord

April 18th, 2015

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Psalm 111:1-10, 150:1-6

We sat around a camp fire high in the Rocky Mountains as the sun set and the sky darkened. The crackling of the fire and the whisper of the wind through the surrounding pine trees was all we could hear. Each passing minute more and more stars peeked through the darkening sky canopy until it was ablaze with millions of lights.

A few hours before we had been in the middle of a city where on the best of nights only a fraction of the stars were visible. Now, far away from the artificial lights of the city, we were confronted by the immensity of God’s deeds through creation and awed by their glory and majesty.

We live in a world of artificial light and incessant noise. When we are taken beyond their reign we begin to see the majesty of God’s creation. As Christians we realize that that same God is also our personal Savior and friend. An appropriate response is to give thanks through praise. How long has it been since you recalled all of God’s works and bowed in praise? Today is a good day to begin again.

Author: Larry R. Morris



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