March 24th, 2015

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John 16:1-16

Recently a woman approached me in a hotel lobby and asked, “Do you read the bible?” Looking like an incognito traveler I responded, “Yes, and many Christian books too.” I continued toward the elevator. She abruptly said, “My son is an alcoholic.” In my spirit I breathed, “Okay, God, what do you want?” An hour later in my room, I reflected on the prayer I prayed in a hotel lobby (and my reluctance to do so) for a stranger with a broken heart.

Two days later, at an ice cream shop, a woman in a booth was sobbing. In my spirit I breathed, “God, not again!” I ate my frozen strawberry cream cheese dessert with my back to the sniffles. As I stood to leave, I glanced in her direction, the Spirit pushed me toward her and I asked, “Can I say a prayer for you?” Driving down the road, I reflected on the prayer I prayed for the stranger in the ice cream shop and remembered, “The Spirit of truth . . . will guide you” (John 16:13). “Oh, I get it now, Jesus. You promised the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All I must do is, respond!”

Author: Becky Gray



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