The Texture of Faith

March 8th, 2015

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James 2:14-26

My son and I, amateur photographers, have occasional outings to shoot pictures. While he favors old cars, barns, infrared and macro images, I am intrigued by the texture of water. How the image changes when you toss a pebble, rock or broken branch into still waters! There are also nervous creeks, long foaming cascades, puddles mirroring the sun, refreshing vapors, blocks of ice and piles of snow.

Faith is not stagnant—a monolithic spiritual subject in perpetual contemplation on how humans decide to “do church.” Faith is action. If it has no pulse or external activity, it is dead. Faith makes us journey like Abraham, lie down like Isaac, sail like Paul, cook like Martha, worship like Mary, write like John, fish like Peter, preach like Stephen, endure abuse, pain and afflictions like countless martyrs. A politician once melted idols to make coins. His excuse to angry worshipers was: “I put your saints in circulation.”

Author: Jorge De Barros

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