Good News For The Elderly

March 3rd, 2015

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Romans 4:1-25

The life of the rich and famous fascinates many who will never own lavish mansions, private planes, yachts, servants or fat bank accounts. The rest of us take our place in the anonymous mass living on tight budgets or even in poverty.

Before one begins to lament and feel sorry for themselves, Romans chapter 4 uncovers a portfolio stamped with a title that catapults you to the top of the world. It says, “You are blessed!” And it inventories your main assets that all the treasures on the planet are unable to acquire: “transgressions . . . forgiven,” “sins . . . covered”—clear of guilt, court summations, collector’s calls, accusations, foreclosures, threats and audits!

How much does a person have to spend for such peace of mind? God’s fee: a trusting faith. It is never too late to get God’s insurance policy, the one that covers all with no deductibles. Abraham was over 100 years old when his best dreams were fulfilled beyond all expectation.

Author: Jorge De Barros

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