Enter in to God’s Rest

January 12th, 2015

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Hebrews 4:1-13

It was Sunday afternoon. We sat at a picnic table overlooking the waves as the mighty Atlantic washed over seaweed-covered boulders on the Ghana shore. The sea breeze cooled our faces as it steadily spread fronds of the tall palms into banners waving against a gorgeous sky. The pounding surf added sound effects. I lifted my eyes to the palm fronds and then beyond toward the azure sky. For a blocked-out space this afternoon I was pressing no agenda. Washing over my inner being was renewal, a gift of grace. I drank it in.

The night before my wife had noted, “I’m ready for Sabbath.” Our schedule had overflowed for months and remained packed: administration, phone calls, emails, priorities to meet, educational program studies, writing projects to complete, and more. All were in the stack demanding attention.

The “very God of peace” designed a rest for the inner being. Death to the self-way, and a whole-souled “Yes!” to Him—it’s the way to His Sabbath rest in the core of one’s being. It’s yours by faith. Live it up!

Author: Paul Martin

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