The Mind of God’s Servants

December 27th, 2014

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Romans 15:1-13

Have you ever witnessed a truly empowered Spirit filled encourager of people? They seem to create their own weather pattern. They bring warmth, light, the sunshine of acceptance, hope, and joy to people they encounter. In their wake are people who have been blessed and loved.

Even though God’s precious encouragers of people come from all nations, social classes, and age groups they have one thing in common. They have “the same attitude of mind” as Jesus. This “attitude of mind” which God desires to bestow on all of us is now available through the Holy Spirit. Being a Christlike encourager and servant of others is not always easy. It involves the courage to bear the failings of others and putting your own desires aside.

The wonderful news for all of us who seriously desire to reflect the attitude and mind of Christ is this; by giving ourselves completely to Him the Holy Spirit will bring the joy, peace, and power this lifestyle of Christ-reflection requires.

Author: Doug Forsberg

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One Response to “The Mind of God’s Servants”

  1. Rev.Y.Gnanaselvan, Elder Says:

    December 27th, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    Perhaps the most distinctive thing in the Gospel ,is grace, so the most distinctive thing in our growth is grace. The grace of God is love judging our sins, suffering for our sins, forgiving our sins, removing our sins, and then abiding in our unworthy hearts. That is grace. An exert taken from the devotional book “Victorious Living” – E.Stanley Jones.
    See Romans Ch.3:3.

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