Is This Situational Ethics?

August 20th, 2014

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Proverbs 12:17-28

It is likely that the most recorded word in Proverbs is “but.” The author in Proverbs 12 switches from a positive to a negative statement, and vice versa in the next verse. Verse 28 is the only totally positive verse.

There are people who are truthful. Then there are those who are truthful. Then there was my mother.

One Sunday night one of the young men of the church, who attended Bible school, was invited to preach. He was boring, twisted his face in all types of distortions, and had a “preacher’s twang.” We all endured his sermon. After the service his father approached my mother and said, “Oh Sister Kissell, wasn’t that a wonderful sermon?” My totally honest Mother was caught off guard and replied, “Yes, Daddy Morrison, that was.” She felt terrible for lying.

When she came home and told my sister and me about this, we of course had some great answers she could have used. You could have said something like, “You are really proud of him, aren’t you?” or “He certainly put his heart into the sermon.”

By the way, have you ever been in such a position? What did you do?

Author: Patricia Kissell


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