Discouragement Weakens Us

August 11th, 2014

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Job 4:1-11

Discouragement is the greatest weapon Satan possesses. He will ruthlessly use it on everyone he can. Job faced great discouragement; so much so that, when we read about him we may wonder how he was able to continue on without breaking faith with God. Job’s friends were men of their time. They operated under a traditional view of the world that those who suffered a calamity were guilty of sinning against God. Therefore, in their minds, Job had surely sinned and brought misfortune upon himself and his family. Even Job’s wife urged him to curse God and die.

Job never gave up in his trust in God, even if it meant facing death. Perhaps we can I identify with his struggle. We may have been discouraged and wondering how we will be able to make it through the difficult circumstances of life we face. Satan always attacks us at our weakest points. He causes us to doubt.

When we give God praise and depend upon Him throughout all circumstances, as Job did, we will be victorious through God’s strength in our spiritual battle with Satan.

Author: Jim Rickard

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