Practicing Worship

August 5th, 2014

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Revelation 22:1-17

Every Friday for the past five years, Eva and her friend Colette have met at a prayer chapel in her church to worship. It is their time to do serious spiritual business.

Since they met 12 years ago, their friendship has deepened and grown. Because they both love the Lord, their conversations have revolved around what He is doing in their lives. Colette credits Eva with teaching her about the Bible and studying scriptures. She has inspired Eva with her devotion to her prayer life.

God has faithfully met them at that prayer chapel. He has revealed himself to them—intimately and miraculously. Eva often goes into the sanctuary and lay prostrate on the floor before the altar. That action isn’t innately holy or mysterious. It is just her way of surrendering her whole self to God and honoring Him as The Most High King. It is how she practices for heaven.

We can all find ways to include worship in our daily schedules. God can show each of us how He wants us to personally come to Him. One day soon, we shall all bow down.

Author: Evangeline Gardner

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