Like A Hapless Hamster

August 5th, 2014

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Psalm 139:14-24

We politely admired the wee critter cooped up in a cage. Our little friend’s new pet, Herman the Hamster, seemed to be coping by running his short legs off on his wheel. When we busted him out of prison and let him out on a table, we all had to put our hands and arms up to keep him from going off the edge. He was so intent on suicide; we put him right back where he came from. Around and around he went on that rodent treadmill, not going anywhere.

How like the hapless hamster we would be without our Creator! How many times do we run in place or in circles, full of anxiety and doubt? We make the same foolish mistakes over and over, trying to fix our problems before we come to God. We often live in prisons of our own making. Then when offered a chance at freedom, we go scurrying about like wild animals.

Surrendered, we can be tamed by a loving Master. He trains us in the ways that we should go. He leads us in the way of righteousness. We are becoming His beautiful creations.

Author: Evangeline Gardner

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