Master with Power

July 28th, 2014

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Matthew 8:5-17

We rescued Zoe from the pound when she was four years old. Her puppy spirit was broken from neglect and abuse.

Over the next few weeks, I endeavored to earn her trust. I pampered her and petted her. When she whined at my feet, I filled her food and water dishes. When she did tricks, I rewarded her with treats.

As she learned that a firm but gentle word had consistent results, she began to obey commands. When I said, “Sit!” she sat. When I said, “Out!” she went out. She was content with knowing I had the power in our relationship.

May we seek to truly understand that the words Christ has spoken, and is still speaking; have incredible power in our lives. We can choose to believe that His commandments and His promises are both equally true.

In making God our Master, we decide to trust that He will constantly be working for our good. As He gives us faith to believe in His goodness, love, and power, we more readily listen to His voice and obey. We are a mysterious mixture of satisfied servant and cherished child.

Author: Evangeline Gardner

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