You Go First

July 25th, 2014

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Genesis 33:1-14

Twenty years of history would need to be resolved in this reunion of Jacob and Esau. Although much time had passed, we are not told if Esau has changed and matured. Jacob’s story witnesses him making choices that seem driven by deceit or at least cunning strategy. Immediately before meeting Esau, a life altering event happened to Jacob. The all-night wrestling match with God appears to have impacted Jacob both physically and spiritually (Genesis 32:22-32).

Jacob’s pattern of behavior had always been to look out for his own interests first. Following the encounter with God there is an abrupt and radical change in his behavior. This is evidenced by the way he divided his family, protecting them and placing himself in the most imminent danger. We see Jacob bowing, seven times, as Esau draws near. We are told of Jacob’s actions before we see Esau’s reaction. Amazingly the brothers embrace.

Whether we are seeking or granting forgiveness, our initial posture, physical or spiritual, is of utmost significance.

Author: Lisa Mueller

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