The Stress Response

July 23rd, 2014

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Genesis 26:17-33

One of the most difficult disciplines is to guard our reactions. Quick responses to perceived threats often reveal deep character traits we otherwise keep under wraps. Even when God shows His faithfulness in the big picture, we sometimes tend to meddle in the working out of His plan. In Genesis 25 Isaac repeated his father’s mistake by identifying Rebekah as his sister. His stress response, like Abraham’s, was a betrayal of God’s provision. One can only assume Isaac learned a lesson in humility.

Back on track with God’s will, Isaac’s water well dilemma provided a powerful opportunity to trust God completely. Water from these wells was essential. If there was anything worth defending this would be it. God had directed Isaac to this place; surely He expected him to fight for these wells! Not necessarily.

When we are walking in obedience to God, peaceful resolutions are nearly always appropriate. Humble responses rather than quick, stress responses testify to God’s power in our lives.

Author: Lisa Mueller

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