When God Convicts

July 10th, 2014

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Isaiah 6:1-13

There’s a big difference between conviction in a court of law and God convicting us of sin. The one brings punishment; the other motivates us toward redemption. An old children’s chorus speaks of mountain-high sins that all disappear in the fountain of saving grace. God’s purpose in convicting us is to make us aware of our sins, then deliver us from them. That’s one important part of the Holy Spirit’s ministry (John 16:8).

Isaiah’s experience in the temple was life-changing. He saw his own sin in contrast to God’s holiness. That’s real conviction! The result was an encounter with God’s cleansing fire. Isaiah’s response reflects complete consecration, “Send me!” He shed tears of repentance—for himself and for his nation. Yet, he did more: Isaiah offered himself as a living sacrifice for God’s purpose.

Sometimes our repentance is too shallow.

God’s conviction may be intense or gentle. The key question is how do we respond?

Author: Wil Watson

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