The God Who Cares

June 24th, 2014

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Psalm 144:1-15

I am the father of two young boys. Suffice it to say our family watches a lot of cartoons. One movie we enjoy watching with the boys is A Bug’s Life. It’s a neat movie because of its perspective. The entire story is told from the perspective of a colony of ants. For these bugs, crossing a small gully is like crossing the Grand Canyon. A small rain shower is a major disaster.

Who are humans that God should be mindful of us? Nothing much, really. We’re small. Compared to the span of time and space, our lives are a drop of water in an ocean. Compared to the height, breadth, and timelessness of God, we’re lower than insects.

That’s what makes the gospel so amazing. God is mindful of us. God does care about our lives. God cares so much about us He becomes one of us. In Jesus, God lives, breathes, and dies as one of the bugs in order to redeem us.

Through this amazing, exceedingly mindful gift, we can actually become the children of God. We can rest in the knowledge He cares.

Author: Mark A. Hendrickson


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