Advance at God’s Pace

May 24th, 2014

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1 John 2:3-17

Willie, our one-year-old shih tzu, follows me throughout the house. If I’m working at my desk, he’s at my feet. If I walk upstairs to the kitchen, he walks upstairs, too. If I exercise, he lifts weights (Okay, naps!). If only he could operate a vacuum. Willie desires to walk with me everywhere I go.

The apostle John teaches us to walk in God’s love, to follow His ways. Jesus is our perfect example. If we truly seek to walk with God, we will desire to be obedient to Him. Sin breaks our fellowship with God, creating sorrow and disappointment. When we walk as Jesus walked, we welcome God’s transforming power to become more like Christ every step of the way.

Walking with God means to advance at God’s pace.

The secret to enjoying an abundant life is obedience. Willie continues to work on the obedience part. He’s not there, yet. Then again, none of us are. Fortunately, our wonderful master advances patiently as we learn to follow His steps.

Author: Susan Crook

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One Response to “Advance at God’s Pace”

  1. Penny T Pozgay Says:

    May 24th, 2014 at 8:22 am

    I, too, have a furry friend who follows me around like we’re attached by an invisible leash. I often forget he’s there as I turn quickly to head off in another direction, sometimes tripping over him. As I scold him for being too close, I also realize how devoted to me he has become. Like you, I try to take it as a reminder of how close my savior is in my immediate presence and thank Him for the reminder of His level of devotion to me. In turn, I recognize my devoted pet as another gift from God!!

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