Have You Seen Him?

April 20th, 2014

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John 20:19-31

In his first appearance as the risen King, Jesus anonymously comforted Mary Magdalene. So humble was His approach, she mistakenly thought Jesus was the gardener. Ironically, it was His death which overwhelmed with grief. It was not until Jesus called her by name that she recognized the Lord she loved.

Through locked doors, Jesus entered into the very room where the disciples were hiding and praying and waiting. He boldly announced his arrival, “Peace be with you!” (v. 26). He pointed to the wounds that proved He had risen from the dead.

Thomas was absent and doubted the eleven when they shared the grand news. He responded with the infamous words, “Unless I see . . . I will not believe” (v.25). One week later, Jesus honored his request. He appeared to Thomas and Thomas believed.

Does your moment of belief align with one of these scenes? What did it take, or would it take, for you to “see” the risen Christ? Reflect on your own journey of belief. Record your Jesus sightings in your journal.

Author: Cynthia K. Stiverson

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