Dangerous Freedom

March 28th, 2014

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Job 19:1-12

It is no secret that the teenage years are when most people tend to be rebellious. Discovering your identity and longing to experience all that the world has to offer. Responsible parents seem more like paranoid prison guards—always watching and waiting to sound the alarm, if their child steps out of line. Teenagers often consider themselves to be invincible, take dangerous risks, try harmful substances or associate with questionable influences in an effort to embrace their freedom from parental restrictions. However, this “freedom” always comes with a price that they, too often, refuse to consider.

Parents who truly love their children set appropriate boundaries for them and discipline the children when they disobey. Similarly, God has rescued us from our rebellious ways through His Son’s sacrifice and by giving us a standard to live by—His Word.

With that in mind, be careful where you get your “freedom” from. Accept God’s loving discipline.

Author: Mallory Sauer


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