Look at the Fields

February 19th, 2014

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John 4:27-42

Carla loves summertime, driving through the cornfields of Indiana and seeing miles of crops growing in the sun. The cornstalks give way to the summer breeze looking like green waves upon an earthy ocean. Yet it’s easy to become accustomed to the fields of green that they go unnoticed. This is what happened to Jesus’ disciples; however, in their case they didn’t see the crops for they had their own preconceived notions about the harvest. In their minds they were going to harvest a crop, which happened to look just like them. Because there was no one around them that looked like them, they saw no harvest. It is not by accident that Jesus’ command for His disciples to open their eyes comes in the middle of the story of the Samaritan woman. The very people that these disciples despised were the ones ready to accept the Messiah. These days we find many excuses for why the church isn’t growing in certain parts of the world but Jesus’ pronouncement for us is the same. “Open your eyes!” It may be that we have decided what the harvest ought to look like, and He has something altogether different in mind.

Author: Carla D. Sunberg

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