Hold On

December 24th, 2013

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Psalm 94:14-23

My wife and I are blessed with three grown children. After years of nurturing them, correcting them, loving them, and training them, they are now on their own. They are successful, capable and Christian. But the old saying reminds us that “you are never out of the parenting business.” When they are troubled we try to help. When they suffer so do we. When they make mistakes, we attempt to guide.

We have a heavenly Father who seeks to guide us toward spiritual maturity. He nurtures us toward Christlikeness. The people of God are plagued by the offenses of others. And in their rebellion they seem to prosper, often at the expense of the righteous. It isn’t fair. Sometimes, in response, we tend to become judgmental, angry, and defensive. This can hinder us in our spiritual maturation. It can become a slippery slope. Thankfully, God is a strong support. His love is a sustaining love. He moves quickly to our aid. He gets us back on track.

Author: Greg Mason

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