An Endless Supply

December 13th, 2013

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Isaiah 51:1-8

I’ve wondered about those prizes that claim “a life time supply.” Somehow, I think there must be fine print to identify boundaries. Is there anything on this earth that never runs out? I regularly replenish the pantry. I run out of strength, gas, patience, printer cartridges, milk, and countless other daily necessities.

God’s economy is different. God has an endless supply of resources because He lives unbounded by time or the availability of raw materials. Read what God spoke through Isaiah. Do you feel the intensity of His words, as if He wants to get up close and personal with? Do you hear Him wanting to make sure you understand what He is saying? No matter what you see around you: the machines, resources, and people who have failed you; God’s supply of new beginnings through repentance and renewal will never run out. Never! God brings eternity with His gifts. There is no expiration date on them.

God has an endless supply of what you need today. Don’t look anywhere else.

Author: Debbie Salter Goodwin


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