Party Time!

December 8th, 2013

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Luke 1:57-66

We had a celebration party when our daughter graduated from high school. With “Climb Every Mountain” blaring throughout the house and more than a few of Lisa’s favorite things on the refreshment table, we partied. High school graduation had always been a question mark. Physical and mental disabilities created a formidable mountain. When she “climbed every mountain” and donned her mortarboard, we were ready to celebrate! Family came. Friends stopped by. The smile on Lisa’s face said it all; everyone shared her joy.

That’s what Elizabeth and Zechariah’s friends and family did. They knew about Zechariah’s mysterious silence. Many thought it was an omen of something bad. However, when baby John was born healthy, everybody celebrated the mercy and kindness of God. That’s what family does.

A recent book title, Christmas Isn’t Your Birthday, reminded me that we sometimes misuse our Christmas celebrations. Ouch! We live on this side of the most incredible expression of God’s unfailing love to us. It’s time to make sure we celebrate for the right reason.

Author: Debbie Salter Goodwin


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