Unfathomable Glory

November 17th, 2013

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Titus 2:1-15

The definition of hope is “to expect with confidence: trust.” It seems in our society that hope is tossed around lightly. “I hope they aren’t out of the kind of ice cream I like.” Or, “I hope they have these pants in my size.” Though there isn’t anything wrong with these statements, if we change our perspective to think of hope in light of expectation, confidence, and trust for eternity in heaven with God, our language might be a little different. We may just speak more frequent statements like, “I hope that she understands how much God loves her!” Or, “I hope that my life reflects the goodness and grace of God!”

Heaven is going to be an amazing place! Although our human brains lack the capacity to completely fathom what eternity will be like, we can trust that God has prepared a glorious place for us in heaven with Him. The Bible speaks to bits and pieces of the specifics of heaven, but only when we get there will we see the full picture. For now, we get to expect with confidence that eternity with God will be astounding!

Author: Kirsten Rose

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