The Kingdom of Heaven

October 11th, 2013

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Matthew 18:21-35

This kingdom of heaven passage teaches us about the community that forgives. All of us in Christ’s church know we’ve been forgiven a debt to God we cannot repay. Nevertheless, we often forget the measure of this forgiveness as we deal with one another. For some odd reason even those of us inside the church seem to want to find a way to be followers of Christ without seeking forgiveness from others. Sometimes we even try to take a shortcut to forgiveness when we fail to fully acknowledge the wrong done.

At other times we try to avoid forgiveness altogether. We may sit in another part of the sanctuary than those we’re in conflict with. We may tolerate turkey and dressing with that person at Thanksgiving, then make a quick exit, leaving behind another opportunity to make things right.

Matthew 18 is hard hitting, smash-mouth, faith. It examines us like an X-ray machine. Right now you know that if you truly desire to be a disciple of the kingdom of heaven forgiveness must be given in the same measure you’ve been forgiven.

Author: Matthew Zimmer


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