Plentiful Mercy

September 2nd, 2013

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2 Samuel 22:21-37

Hands clasped in the age-old sport of arm wrestling, a father and son eyed each other. Rather than admit to pain, as his arm all-but touched the table, the son said, “Okay, Dad. You’ve got no mercy so I’m gonna let you win.” What the nine-year-old failed to realize was that, short of mercy, his father could easily have pinned him at first grasp.

Like the wise Father that he is, God knows our every weakness. He recognized the weariness of David who, even in the midst of battles, must hide or be constantly on the move to avoid the pursuit of his enemies, including his father-in-law Saul. God reached down in His mercy and placed David in pleasant and restful surroundings. David reciprocated with songs of thanksgiving and praise.

This very same heavenly Father is present and attuned to whatever it is that brings His children to the end of endurance and to our knees to seek His mercy.

The Bible repeatedly says of the Lord that “His mercy endures forever,” and it does.

Author: C. Ellen Watts

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