The Power of God

August 10th, 2013

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Isaiah 52:1-12

When my seven-year-old son’s little league team was losing in the final inning of a game he and his teammates rolled up their sleeves to show their “rally pipes.” The idea is that by showing and flexing their muscles (pipes) the other team will be so intimidated, my son’s team will rally from behind for the win. They never did rally from behind for a win.

God is rolling up His sleeves to “lay bare his holy arm” (v. 10) for all of creation to see His mighty power. God demonstrates His might and power for “the least of these” who find themselves oppressed and beaten down by their oppressors. Their oppressors will see that they cannot match the strength and power of the God of the oppressed. God “will lay bare his holy arm” to demonstrate His power to those broken down and under the weight of sin so that they might have the burden of sin lifted.

My son’s little league may not intimidate anyone when they roll up their sleeves, but when our God “lay[s] bare his holy arm” all of creation will “see the salvation of our God.”

Author: Corey MacPherson


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