United By the Spirit

July 20th, 2013

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1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Take a moment and think about a world where everything was the same. This would be a place where everyone looked alike, acted alike, and thought alike. What if there was only one kind of everything? Can you imagine if the only eating utensil was a fork? Eating tomato soup would be a disaster!

God created each person to be unique. No two people are exactly alike. His plan was that each of us would have our own DNA. Paul says that each of us was created with different gifts. Some may have “the gift of wisdom,” while another “a message of knowledge.” All gifts work together, united by the Spirit, in service for God.

Today, God is not looking for people who look at themselves and only see what they are not. He is looking for people who understand that God has given them at least one gift they can use within the body of Christ. The Church works most effectively when believers, using their gifts, work together through the power of the Holy Spirit to make a difference for Christ in their world.

Author: Mike Wonch

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