It Is For Me

March 29th, 2013

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John 12:1-11

As a career navy chaplain, Tom recalls many times standing at the graveside of a young man who had lost his life in service to his country. It is the greatest sacrifice one can give–his own life for freedom. Yes, it is tragic in one sense, but then there is also a great sense of commitment and honor.

Following the raising of Lazarus, Jesus returned to Bethany to visit his dear friends. At dinner, in an act of extreme sacrifice and love, Mary pours out her expensive perfume on the feet of the Messiah. An objection was raised as to the cost of this reckless act. Jesus responds in essence saying, “Quiet, it was meant for me.” Mary was unconsciously performing a symbolic act–preparing for the burial of Christ. It demonstrated her great sense of commitment and sacrifice.

Whether we are called upon to defend freedom in the world or called upon to make a different kind of personal sacrifice . . . Jesus still responds to us today: “It was meant for me.”

Author: Tom Cook


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